AGRIMONY Mental torment but putting on a brave face

ASPEN Fears and worries with no known origin

BEECH Intolerance of others

CENTUARY Weak-willed

CERATO Seeking confirmation and advice from others

CHERRY PLUM Fear of madness or mind giving away

CHESTNUT BUD Unable to learn from past experiences

CHICORY Selfish and Possessive

CLEMATIS Dreamy, Detached, No interest in the present

CRAB APPLE Self-disgust, Self-hatred, Feeling unclean

ELM Over-burdened with responsibilities

GENTIAN Doubt, Negative outlook, Discouragement

GORSE Despair, Hopelessness, Suffering

HEATHER Self-preoccupation

HOLLY Jealousy, Hatred, Envy and Bitterness

HONEYSUCKLE Living in the past

HORNBEAM Mental weariness, Monday morning feeling

IMPATIENS Impatience, Easily irritated

LARCH Lack of self-confidence

MIMULUS Fear from known causes/origin

MUSTARD Sudden depression, Deep gloom with no known origin

OAK Fatigued and Exhausted, but struggling on

OLIVE Lacking Energy

PINE Guilt and Self-reproach

RED CHESTNUT Selfless - worrying over others


ROCK WATER Inflexibility, Self-denial

SCLERANTHUS Indecision and Uncertainty

STAR OF BETHLEHEM After-Effects of Shock

SWEET CHESTNUT Extreme Mental Anguish

VERVAIN Fixed principles, Over-enthusiasm, Highly-strung

VINE Inflexibility, Domineering, Highly Ambitious

WALNUT Over-sensitivity to change and external influences

WATER VIOLET Self-Reliant, Proud, Aloof, Withdrawn

WHITE CHESTNUT Obsessive, Negative Thoughts, Mental Anguish

WILD OAT Uncertain of correct path in life, Goals and Aims - At a Cross-roads

WILD ROSE Apathy, Resignation

WILLOW Bitterness, Resentment and Self-pity




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