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Australian Bush Flower Essences Reference Chart

Alpine Mint Bush
Prostanthera cuneato
Negative: Mental and emotional exhaustion, lack of joy, weight of responsibility.
  Positive: Revitalisation, joy, renewal.

Lobelia gibbosa
Negative: Spiritually "possessed," interference with true spiritual connection.
  Positive: Attaining spiritual truth, access to gifts from, past lifetimes, repairs energy field.
Banksia Robur
Banksia robur
Negative: Loss of drive and enthusiasm.
  Positive: Enjoyment of and interest in life.

Lysiphyllum cunninghamii

Negative: Resistance to change, rigidity, annoyance.
  Positive: Acceptance and open mindedness, embracing new concepts/ideas.

Billy Goat Plum
Planchonia careya
Negative: Sexual revulsion, loathing or disgust of an aspect of oneself.
  Positive: Sexual pleasure, enjoyment; acceptance of one’s physical body.

Black Eyed Susan
Tetratheca ericifolia
Negative: Rushing , always on the go, impatience, always striving.
  Positive: Slowing down, ability to turn inward and be still, inner peace.
Wahlenbergia sp
Negative: Cut off from feelings, fear of lack or greed.
  Positive: Opens the heart, joy, sharing.

Adansonia gregorii
Negative: Taking on negative family thought patterns, repetition of past negative experiences.
  Positive: Releases past negative actions within families- abuse, prejudice, etc.


Boronia ledifolia
Negative: Obsessive thoughts, pining for recently ended relationships.
  Positive: Serenity. clarity of mind and thought.
Callistemon linearis
Negative: For going through and overwhelmed by major life changes.
  Positive: Bonding between mother and child, serenity, letting go.


Bush Fuchsia
Epacris longiflora
Negative: Inability to balance the logical and rational with the intuitive and creative, switched off, ignoring gut feelings
  Positive: Allows one to integrate information, develops intuition.
Bush Gardenia
Gardenia megasperma
Negative: Taking for granted, unaware of others, self-centredness.
  Positive: Renews interest in others, improves communication, passion.


Bush Iris
Patersonia longifolia
Negative: Fear of death, materialism, atheism, excessiveness.
  Positive: Spiritual insights, understanding beyond the material/ physical.

Crowea saligna
Negative: Worrying, out of balance, feeling " not quite right."
  Positive: Balances and centres the individual.
Dagger hakea
Hakea teretifolia
Negative: Resentment, bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers.
  Positive: Forgiveness, open expression of feelings.
Dog Rose
Bauera rubioides
Negative: Fearful, shy, insecure, apprehension of others, niggling fears.
  Positive: Confidence, courage, belief in self.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces
Bauera sessiliflora
Negative: Fear of loss of control, physical pain with no apparent cause.
  Positive: Emotional balance, overcoming fear, calmness and sanity during emotional turmoil.


Five Corners
Styphelia laeta
Negative: Low self esteem, dislike of self, held in personality.
  Positive: Love and acceptance of self, celebration of own beauty.

Flannel Flower
Actinotus helianthi
Negative: Dislike of being touched, lack of sensitivity especially in males.
  Positive: Gentleness, sensitivity in touching, joy, trust, sensuality.


Fringed Violet
Thysanotus tuberosus
Negative: Distress, damage to aura, drained by others/situations.
  Positive: Removes effects of past or distress, psychic protection.
Aust_Bush_Flower_Green Green Spider Orchid
Caladenia dilatato
Negative: Nightmares, needing acceptance, phobias.
  Positive: Atonement, ability to guard information, release of terrors and phobias.

Grey Spider Flower
Grevillea buxifolia
Negative: Terror and panic.
  Positive: Faith and courage.
Gymea Lily
Doryanthes excelsa
Negative: Pride, dominating personality.
  Positive: Humility, letting go of control.

Hibbertia pedunculata
Negative: Fanaticism - self improvement/discipline/knowledge.
  Positive: Acceptance of self and own innate knowledge.
Illawara Flame Tree
Brachychiton acerifolium
Negative: Sense of rejection, being left out, fear of responsibility.
  Positive: Self approval, self reliance, confidence. inner strength.


Isopogon anethifolius
Negative: Unable to learn from past experiences, controlling personality.
  Positive: Able to learn from past experiences, remember the past.

Negative: Scattered, changeable, dithering, aimless, rushing.
  Positive: Decisiveness, clear mindedness, quick thinking.


Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos manglesii
Negative: Socially, immature, clumsy, gauche, insensitive to others needs.
  Positive: Relaxed, sensitivity, saviore faire, enjoyment of people.


Kapok Bush
Cochlospermum fraseri
Negative: Easily discouraged, resignation, apathy.
  Positive: Persistence, willingness to " give it a go," application.


Little Flannel Flower 
Actinotus minor
Negative: Denial of the "child" in the personality, seriousness.
  Positive: Playfulness, joy, ability to have fun.
Eucalyptus macrocarpa
Negative: Personally drained.
  Positive: Renews enthusiasm.
Mint Bush
Prostanthera striatflora
Negative: Spiritual trial and tribulation, despair, overwhelm.
  Positive: Calmness, ability to move on, readiness for initiation.

Mountain Devil
Lambertia formosa
Negative: Hatred, anger, jealousy, holding of grudges, suspicious.
  Positive: Unconditional love, forgiveness, happiness.
Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus atripicifolius
Negative: Distress associated with exposure to fire, heat and sun.
  Positive: Reduces the negative effects of fire and the sun's rays.

Old Man Banksia
Banksia serrata


Negative: Disheartened, weary.
  Positive: Ability to cope with what ever life brings.
Paw Paw 
Carica papaya
Negative: Overwhelmed, burdened by decision.
  Positive: Focus and clarity.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree
Leptospermum squarrosum
Negative: Mood swings, lack of commitment.


  Positive: Balance responsibility for own health.


Philotheca salsolifolia
Negative: Excessive generosity, inability to accept acknowledgement.


  Positive: Ability to accept praise, acknowledgement and love.


Pink Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus exaltus
Negative: Deep hurt, isolation, guarded, feeling unsafe.


  Positive: Overcoming obstacles, opening up, forgiveness.


Red Grevillea
Grevillea speciosa
Negative: Feeling stuck, affected by criticism, reliant on others.


  Positive: Strength to leave unpleasant situations, boldness.
Red Helmet Orchid
Corybas dilatatus


Negative: Rebelliousness, selfish, problems with authority.
  Positive: Helps father/child bonding, sensitivity, respect.

Red Lily
Nelumbo nucifera
Negative: Vagueness, indecisiveness, day dreaming.
  Positive: Grounded, focused, living in the present.


Red Suva Frangipani
Suneiria rubra
Negative: Turmoil, emotional upheaval, sadness.
  Positive: Feeling nurtured, acceptance, equanimity.


Rough Bluebell
Trichodesma zeylanicum
Negative: Openly malicious, lack of concern for others feelings.
  Positive: Unconditional love, openness, compassion.

She Oak
Casuarina glauca
Negative: Distress associated with infertility.
  Positive: Overcomes imbalances in females

Silver Princess
Eucalyptus caesia
Negative: Aimless, despondent, lacking life direction.
  Positive: Life purpose, direction and direction.
Slender Rice Flower
Pimelea linifolia 
Negative: Racism, narrow mindedness, comparison with others.
  Positive: Co-operation, humility, appreciation of beauty in others.


Southern Cross
Xanthosia rotundifolia
Negative: Victim mentally, poverty consciousness.
  Positive: Personal power, positive attitude, responsibility for self.
Triodia sp.
Negative: Sense of being a victim to illness.
  Positive: Empowers through emotional understanding to heal.


Sturt Desert Pea
Clianthus formosus
Negative: Deep hurt, sadness, emotional pain.
  Positive: Diffuses sad memories, allows one to let go, motivates.


Sturt Desert Rose
Gopssypium sturtianum
Negative: Guilt low, self esteem, easily led.
  Positive: Allows one to follow own inner convictions and morality.
Drosera spathulata
Negative: Disconnected, split, lack of focus.
  Positive: Grounded, focussed - similar to Red lily - specifically for those under 28 years of age.
Sunshine Wattle
Acacia terminalis
Negative: Struggle, stuck in the past, expectation of a grim future.
  Positive: Optimism, acceptance of the joy and beauty in the present.
Sydney Rose
Negative: Feeling unloved, abandoned, deserted
Positive: Feeling safe, in unity with human kind & the Universe, peaceful


Tall Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus helipteroides
Negative: Feeling scared, lack of interaction, feeling unsafe.
  Positive: Feeling secure with people, social interaction.
Tall Yellow Top
Senecio magnificus
Negative: Alienation, loneliness, isolated.
  Positive: Sense of belonging.


Turkey Bush
Calytrix exstipulata
Negative: Creative block, disbelief in own creative ability.
  Positive: Inspired creativity, renews artistic confidence.

Telopea speciosissima
Negative: Black despair, hopelessness, inability to respond to crisis.
  Positive: Courage, tenacity, faith, adaptability, survival skills.

Wedding Bush
Ricinocarpos pinifolius
Negative: Difficulty with commitment in relationships.
  Positive: Commitment in relationships, dedication to life purpose.
Wild Potato Bush
Solanum quadriloculatum
Negative: Sense of being weighed down and encumbered.
  Positive: Freedom to move on in life.
Wisteria sinencis
Negative: Women who feel uncomfortable and uptight about their sexuality. Fear arising from sexual abuse.
  Positive: Fulfilling sexual relationship.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid
Caladenia flava
Negative: Critical, judgemental, bureaucratic.
  Positive: Humanitarian concern and impartiality.
Australian Bush Flower Complexes
Emergency Essence Fringed violet
Grey spider flwr
FOR: Calming and stabilising effect for fear, panic, severe mental and physical stress
Radiation Essence Bush fuschia
Fringed violet
Mulla mulla
Paw paw
FOR: Negating and reducing earth radiation, electrical, solar, and radiation therapy effects
Super Learning Essence Bush fuschia
Paw paw
FOR: Enhancing mental clarity and learning skills
Personal Power Essence Dog rose
Five corners
South. cross
Sturt desert rose
FOR: Encouraging inherent positive qualities of self-esteem and confidence.
Vitality Essence Oldman banksia
Banksia robur
FOR: Vitality and enthusiam and joy of life.

The information contained in the above descriptions is drawn from the Bach and Australian Bush flower literature. The author has found the effects of these flower essences to be positively helpful and generally matching the given effect descriptions. To date I have no knowledge of any scientific medical research verifying the above nor have I experienced any negative effects from their being taken.

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